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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men

Hello Ladies,

Valentines Day is less then a month away and one thing I know is, it’s hard for the ladies to shop for their man. How do I know this you ask? Because everytime I get asked what I want, my answer is “I don’t know”. Well thats becaue men don’t generally sit around thinking about what they want for Valentines Day, we figure its all about the woman anyways. So I put together a list of gifts that men might like, along with a list of thing my Facebook friends told me they would like. I hope this helps, happy shopping.

Michael KorsBlackout Glitz Watch


 Motorola - SF600 Wireless Sports Headphones
$77.95 - $129.99


 Natural Wooden Watch
$119.95 - $200.00


Sexy Coupons for Him
$2.45 - $2.99 (Or get creative and make one yourself)


Let's Stir Things Up© Personalized Mugs

Other Gift Ideas (From my FB Fam)

- Tickets to Sporting Event or Concert (X-Games, Clipper game “lol”, Favorite artist)

- A day at my favorite amusement park

- A nice candle lit dinner and good conversation

- A nice outfit (ladies you can pick men’s clothes)

- Jordan’s (the newest ones will normally suffice)

- Hat (fitted, snapback or Brimmed)

- Breakfast in bed and a movie or Dinner and a movie.

- A message (By you of course)
- Gift card (Starbucks, in-n-out, Friday's etc.)
- A few packs of socks and thick T-Shirts
- Quality time together
- A home cooked meal (if they can cook)

- $300 Gas Card

True Christianity

Today I learned what true Christianity is; I learned what itmeans to be a Christian. Someone shared some confidential information about me recentlythat I found pretty hurtful. I’ve tried to keep things quiet and not say anythingdirected at any one person, but today it all came to a head and I almost lostit. See, Christ had all kinds of charges brought against him that he didn’t do,yet he kept his mouth shut and didn’t even protect himself. You see everythinginside of me wanted to lash back.  I cantell you I wasn’t having a holy conversation in my head. The definition of Christianis to be like Jesus Christ, not to be Him. Jesus was perfect, but due to oursinful nature we can never achieve perfection here on earth. What I felt on theinside was surly not of Christ, it was the sin in me, what we Christians call“the flesh”. The bible talks about killing the flesh and becoming more likeChrist, today I found out what killing the flesh really is. This person isclose to my heart, and that makes it hurt even more. People that were close toJesus turned their backs to Him, and he still didn’t protect himself. He knewthat his suffering would allow the OPPORTUNITYfor repentance and freedom for all. You see, true Christianity isn’tperfection, it’s striving for protection. True Christianity is suffering awrong doing, when you have the right to fight back. I didn’t fight back, and I won’t...I will suffer.


"The Price Of Life" (feat. Andy Mineo & Co Campbell)

Here is a little music theory for you this morning.  There is a message in all music.  This just so happens to be a song off of Lecrae's  Church Clothes mix tape.  Read the lyrics and then take a listen.  Great message!  

Be blessed because you, me, and wiSaved!

Yeah, fake hair, fake nails, fake pearls
Call herself a Barbie, wanna be a fake girl
She can't even see, she Stevie Wonder at night time
Too busy trying to get them red bottoms the right size
Tell her that you love her and she gonna call you a liar
(Whatever, you don't really love me, you just wanna give me the lie)
On the bet, but the fact is she deals with fools,
That see women as garden tools, never treated them cool
She said that suckers and brothers always makin' her sick
So she gave up on em now she's just attracted to chicks
But she never seen a man with a soul as clean
He fightin' to be whatever God made him be
Don't want to manipulate her date her, lay her, or shake her
Wanna give his life to her followin' his creator
Maybe she gonna see he ain't crazy and start wondering
"God, what's the reason you made me? "
Maybe it ain't to be physically attractive just so you can trap and capture
A man, that'd be superficially happy. Nah, you're worth more than that, yeah.

Beautiful lies, yeah, I know they ain't right
But I bought it, but that's the price of life

Yeah, look
I wanted the girl that was super official
I found my standard superficial
'Cause behind the glamour was some super issues
And I ain't trying to shoot to diss you, I'm just sayin'
Everybody gotta look fly on the planes
And you don't wanna step outside, lookin' plain
They call it running game, everybody playn'
Dang, that's trinity the word 'play'
Sephora made you make up your mind
Coach bags made you feel first class this whole time
And them Nikey kicks running your life,
Your ambition been driven by them cars that you like
I know some girls that's faster than T3ch Nine
Self esteem as low as they neck-line
'Cause they don't know whose image they reflect, went to bed to find love, woke up with rats

This is a matter of heart, kid
Gimme a second, let me show you
If you own something you can't depart with
You probably don't own it, it own you
Man, tell me what's the price of life
Too much to find peace, so what's your release
Yeah, there's much more, believe me
Than living for the things that your leaving

Beautiful lies, I know they ain't right, but I bought it
But that's the price of life.

She camouflage her insecurity in Jimmy Choo's
High heels but the mountain's top she'll never choose
She'll set up for a dude & precious medals
A slave to his money by his chains you can tell it
Page to embellish the life that you really live
Them nice clothes cover up, how you really feel
When your eye liner off and you've been revealed
Trapped in a prison with multiple life sentences
55 life times as infinity, you don't wanna pray your middle fingers to Divinity
You ever stop and think about what the incentive is
Livin for their approval has got it's benefits
They special 'cause they don't live like you
But they die and their blood bleeds red like you
Truth is they depressed, takin' meds like you
They ain't livin' it up, they're dead like you

But you can live, uh
If you know the price of life


For Immediate Release 

Most Christians 25-35 are running out of options

Typical adults 25-35 are enjoying happy hour, nightclubs, and other social encounters. The atmosphere is not conducive to the Christian perspective in this setting, so most choose to stay away rather than face the temptation of drinking to get drunk, smoking to get high. With music setting the tempo in most social settings, adult Christian's aren't comfortable with even making an effort to enjoy themselves in this climate.

Young adults (25-35) who have committed their lives to Christ wearing the label of “Saved” proudly, and unashamed of the Gospel have plenty of things to do on Sunday. However, there is an issue with the rest of the week. Young adults are faced with a lack of compatible and comfortable options during leisure time that are in line with their set apart lifestyle.

The good news is that there are sectors of entertainers and companies dedicated to provide additional options that intentionally cater to the perspective of the saved adult. In a blog on, hip-hop artist Lecrae wrote: “We limit spirituality to salvation and sanctification. As long as we are well versed in personal piety and individual salvation, we think we're good. But most Christians have no clue how to engage culture in politics, science, economics, TV, music or art. We tend to leave people to their own devices there.”

WiSaved Entertainment Group (We're Intentionally Saved Entertainment Group) is a Christian
entertainment company focused on providing quality entertainment for young adult living in Southern California, starting with the Inland Empire.

If you'd like more information about wiSaved, or to schedule an interview, please call Jason Myers at 951/616-8109 or e-mail Jason at
We are busy putting together the party you want, 
without the party you don't want.
Stay tuned for details!