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True Christianity

Today I learned what true Christianity is; I learned what itmeans to be a Christian. Someone shared some confidential information about me recentlythat I found pretty hurtful. I’ve tried to keep things quiet and not say anythingdirected at any one person, but today it all came to a head and I almost lostit. See, Christ had all kinds of charges brought against him that he didn’t do,yet he kept his mouth shut and didn’t even protect himself. You see everythinginside of me wanted to lash back.  I cantell you I wasn’t having a holy conversation in my head. The definition of Christianis to be like Jesus Christ, not to be Him. Jesus was perfect, but due to oursinful nature we can never achieve perfection here on earth. What I felt on theinside was surly not of Christ, it was the sin in me, what we Christians call“the flesh”. The bible talks about killing the flesh and becoming more likeChrist, today I found out what killing the flesh really is. This person isclose to my heart, and that makes it hurt even more. People that were close toJesus turned their backs to Him, and he still didn’t protect himself. He knewthat his suffering would allow the OPPORTUNITYfor repentance and freedom for all. You see, true Christianity isn’tperfection, it’s striving for protection. True Christianity is suffering awrong doing, when you have the right to fight back. I didn’t fight back, and I won’t...I will suffer.


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  1. Very true. I hope you find peace and can gain closure. Once the initial shock and anger subsides,it feels like your heart is bleeding and your soul is sickened when someone dear to you does something like that. All the best baby J!