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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men

Hello Ladies,

Valentines Day is less then a month away and one thing I know is, it’s hard for the ladies to shop for their man. How do I know this you ask? Because everytime I get asked what I want, my answer is “I don’t know”. Well thats becaue men don’t generally sit around thinking about what they want for Valentines Day, we figure its all about the woman anyways. So I put together a list of gifts that men might like, along with a list of thing my Facebook friends told me they would like. I hope this helps, happy shopping.

Michael KorsBlackout Glitz Watch


 Motorola - SF600 Wireless Sports Headphones
$77.95 - $129.99


 Natural Wooden Watch
$119.95 - $200.00


Sexy Coupons for Him
$2.45 - $2.99 (Or get creative and make one yourself)


Let's Stir Things Up© Personalized Mugs

Other Gift Ideas (From my FB Fam)

- Tickets to Sporting Event or Concert (X-Games, Clipper game “lol”, Favorite artist)

- A day at my favorite amusement park

- A nice candle lit dinner and good conversation

- A nice outfit (ladies you can pick men’s clothes)

- Jordan’s (the newest ones will normally suffice)

- Hat (fitted, snapback or Brimmed)

- Breakfast in bed and a movie or Dinner and a movie.

- A message (By you of course)
- Gift card (Starbucks, in-n-out, Friday's etc.)
- A few packs of socks and thick T-Shirts
- Quality time together
- A home cooked meal (if they can cook)

- $300 Gas Card

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  1. This is a great round-up,I love all of it!!Fabulous choices for Valentines Day Ideas